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*Note; *This page is still under construction; *Thank you for your patience: KS.

​Sometimes a picture can tell a thousand words; I make my living telling thousands of words in articulate ways, to describe the 10,000-parts, pieces components and some 26,482-fasteners, that have been elloquantly fashoned together, to create unique, mechanical, master-pieces. I make it easy for people to understand the quality and integrity of craftsmanship, and the levels of fabrication technique. There are huge difference. Let me help you, help others understand the investment, and passion, you have put into yours. Thank You, Sincerely, Kurt A. Stoops Senior Appraiser/Proprietor; VAA.Inc.

* Investment into my 'high-end report' the 1,000-point detailed itemized parts listing, and the 'supreme quality' 10,000-Point analysis report require the negotiation and execution of a written agreement (contract) first, to accurately determine the scope and magnitude of the project and the work to be done.

*Forensic analysis and other highly technical procedures are on a contracted, individually priced market scale.

* Historical provenance research, is estimated per each project, and an estimated amount of hours is figured, assessed, and paid for up front. Remuneration of contracted hours is common when national and international research confirmation, affidavits, and other historians are utilized jointly on some projects. Consulting fees are listed in this category as well and assessed contractually via negotiation up front, remunerated as necessary.

*Call me for a private, confidential appointment, and to discuss the scope and magnitude of your project(s) and how we can provide 'unequivocal evidence' to very accurately document' "Cost Approach to Value" reporting of your prized possessions.

Kurt A. Stoops

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Vintage Auto Appraisers, Inc.

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Middle Grade 1,000-Point Analysis & High End 10,000-Point "Superior Grade" Reports;

These are all but a small few of the magnificent mechanical creations I have had the great pleasure of working with over the last 21 years. I thank each and every owner for the opportunity to be of service. I love every one, in a special way, if it were my very own,..I give them each the respect and time necessary "TO DO" "What I Do" to the best of my ability, often time spending quite a bit more time on them then contracted;...because I am so passionate about these cars, in a sence, "they are mine"...if only for a short time. Thank you to all clients that have given me the opportunity to 'share the Love' in your garages, shops, museums, and factilities and professionally Appraise, Document, and maybe Insure your prized possession. It is my honor and privaledge. I look forward to the next one, meeting you,..and your Toy(s).  KS.

This quality of car, most often will use my middle grade to high end reports. The amount of craftsmanship and detailing is extraordinary, thus the proper documentation needed to accurately present the unequivocal evidence this calibur of work and components need, is copacetic. I have developed and created my own articulate ways and systems to very accurately and professionally document this quality of vehicle. Typically I bring examples out to the job sight, and let the customers choose 'what best suits their needs'. Middle grade and high end reports are all done by contract, the beauty is in their flexibility, they can always be 'added-to' and I am happy to add addendums and remunerate contracts and upgrade reports as often as my clients wish. ( typically every 5 years appreciation factors are re-evaluated.).

Hands on experiance from doing, custom building, owning, custom hand-drawn schematics of custom built, hand assembled, unique prostreet, streetrod, and protouring one-of-ones; Cars that are unique are my personal favorite and identifing exactly what it takes to do so; fabrication and metalurgy, quality and integrity of craftsmanship, high performance aftermarket components-modified to work impeccably well with the most modern racing technology and engineering...and perfectly 'streetable', yes, huge horsepower and torque figures, in street driven applications are my SPECIALTY.

Formula One, Drag Racing, and Championship IMSA. technology implemented into street cars, make high tech. resto-mods, protouring and prostreet cars- HOT! They are constantly evolving, I have the proceedures and technical ways of registering exactly what it takes to re-engineerer a brand-new-one "identical" to yours in "every-Way" for your insurance company, in a worst case, replacement cost scenaro. (God forbid something happen to your prized possession, I can make sure you "never have to worry). Find out exactly how my system of articulation of ALL details can give you 'peace of mind'. I have perfected systems and implemented personally created systematic documentation to cover ALL types of "Modified Mechanical Master Pieces!

​Sometimes the fabrication skills needed to take high end, aftermarket perfromance components, and weld, cut, manipulate them together takes gifted craftsman, I have been fortunate to work with some of the best, and love meeting new, talented craftsmen all the time. This quality of work is a pleasure to work on.