Some vehicles you can write an entire book on. Typically there is a happy 'medium', we'll work with you and your budget.

From Ultra Rare Legendary American Muscle Cars, to a Vintage Whizzer Motor Bike, if it has an Engine, I can help you with it. This includes vintage Ventnor and Chris Craft Boats, Vintage Historically Significant Racecars of all types, from jet-engined truck pullers to antique Pullman train cars, I can help you with your "Toys".

I can help you with your motorcycles too.

​​ I'm very passionate about original restored antiques too. This one has historical signifcance in its area, and is a testimate to it's owner. Let us be the one to help properly document yours for you.

A just completed 2 yr. restoration; 1969" Mach-1, Modified American Muscle Car.

From humble small projects to some of the rarest cars in the country,...all price levels. I know where to go to find "any answers" to any additional questions or research I need, to completely fulfill "All your needs". The leading experts in particular models, authors and historians- I know, and know of- have spent a lifetime researching individual makes and models. It is a very segregated industry, spanning the entire world. I know exactly where to go to find "Any Answers" to "Any Questions" about a broad span of automobiles, trucks, motorcycles, and boats. 

I have spent the last 21 years of my life professionally documenting cars for every reason you could imagine. I know exactly where I need to go "To find any answers I need" to articulately document "Any-vehicle" from anywhere in the world.

I can obtain critical information, from the best. I am glad to bring historians in on projects as necessary. I am glad to have the opportunity to work with "the best", love 'constantly learning' on every level, and welcome the opportunity to rhemunerate contracts, and resolve very difficult things, in fact I pride myself on crossing bridges others are affraid or unable to cross. 

Find out exactly why 98% of my business is 'referral'.

I promise to treat your car or collection impeccably well, and am glad to take it "as far as you'd like to go" ( with forensic analysis and proceedures available) and the worlds greatest researchers and historians able to be 'brought in' when necessary, to answer "ALL" your most intricate questions, (with ANY Vehicle) and go as far as humanly possible, or whatever level your comfortable with.

Thank you for the opportunity to be of service,


Kurt A. Stoops

Senior Appraiser, Proprietor


Do you have a 'fresh-new build or restoration? Give me a call, let me be the 'glue' between you and your insurance company. Experience here is paramount. I appreciate the opportunity to help.

High-Tech, Custom, Pro-Touring Vega w. 1100Hp.

No matter what shape, size or condition, I can help answer all your questions on your projects.

Professional Documentation, Worldwide Service

I get the honor and privalege to work around alot of outstanding vehicles. My passion and drive is fueled by the heavily modified cars I get the opportunity to appraise. I have been blessed to work on alot of them over the last 21 years. I treat each one as if it were my own. The test drive after the Safety Inspection is concluded, is the icing on the cake.

There is a very rich heritage of great cars here in the midwest. 153 Production Cars were made here in Indiana, between the Indy 500 Race, the NHRA.US. Nationals at the drag strip, and all the car clubs, it's a great place for 'car-people'.

Special high performance aftermarket parts coupled together with other aftermarket high performance parts, and racing components, require a knowledgeable appraiser, to properly identify and extrapolate all details. I have a great system for this.

Frank's impeccable 542ci.HEMI Charger Prostreet.

Commitment;... I am committed to you, your car(s) and providing the best service and documentation available. My loyalty is to you, your specialty vehicle, and a superior quality appraisal report to represent it. Most are amazed how thorough our 'basic' report is, our middle grade and high end reports are second to none. I can bring in the best historians in the world if need be, to find 'all' the answers, you need, and can present 'unequivocal evidence'.

*Note; *This page is still under construction; *Thank you for your patience: KS.

Modified late-model Mach-1 with lots of high performance goodies, insurance appraisal.

2" x 3" rectangular mild steel tube framed Prostreet Mopar, w. a bored and stroked BB.

When you build a custom chassis to house your LS-motor, Tremec 6-speed, and modify all the latest and greatest parts you can find, to work harmoniuosly  together; you better give me a call, I can definatly make it easy for others to understand exactly what it took to do this. I have an impeccable system to cover impeccable craftsmenship.

Commitment to you 

Give me a call, I'm glad to answer all your questions and can provide a tremendous amount of information on alot of different levels for your things.

​​​Professional Documentation, Worldwide Service.

Have you taken a late model production car, and reworked, re-engineered, modified, and made it "much better" than original? I have just the right way to reflect everything you've put into it, so insurance underwriters understand, exactly what it will take to replace it, identically, at todays' costs.

Call me for a consultation.

Professional Documentation, Worldwide ServiceT

Custom Tube framed 'high-end' Kirkham roadster.

Share the passion, learn and grow with us, and together we can accomplish great things that will survive the test of time. Generation to generation, pass down your passion through your cars, I am glad to help with as much or little as you'd like. Documentation to follow father-time well into the future. Thank you for letting me be apart of your legacy. Ask me about estate planning, and passing the mechanical wonders along, generation to generation, without taxation. I appreciate the opportunity to be of service.

Kurt A. Stoops

Sr. Appraiser, Proprietor