I am glad to bring in the most noted authorities in the world to jointly research & document historically significant projects. I know where to go to get all the answers I need and enjoy being involved in a constantly growing and  learning environment. I appreciate your business and look forward to helping with your projects.

As more and more cases of national and international wrong doing by 'bad people' has been brought to the public eye, through TV.and the liberal news media, more and more cases have been brought to 'public record' through the court systems in this country. The general public has become acquainted with these 'high profile cases' involving huge amounts of ultra-rare cars, bikes, boats, and collectibles of the rich and famous, and especially the"wrong do'ers". I have personally represented alot of these cases in court, working with state and federal governmental agencies, to properly bring these cases into court for proper legal judgements. It is absolutely alarming the amount of 'wrong do'ers'  that have 'hidden money in these vehiclular assets' and shifted them all over the world. Incorrect, restamped, reTitled, "Forgeries" being passed around, like Hot Wheels Toys, often times the titles never being registered or reregistered properly. It is appauling, and quite frankly disscusting, yet continues to happen. I am sure State and Federal Laws will change in the future, to protect the buyer of the "Forgeries", but for now, not alot can be done, due to the differences in the state laws governing Vin.#s. and Specialty vehicles, especially Race Cars. My synopsis; buyer beware. Hire a professional to represent your interests first so you don't get caught up in any 'bad stuff' with specialty vehicle purchases. It makes good sense.  Sincerely, Kurt A. Stoops Sr.Appraiser, Proprietor, VAA. Inc.

A) Vintage Race Cars        

B) Legendary American Rare Muscle Cars.    

C) Famous TV. & Movie Cars.  

D) Prototypes    

E) Custom Built One-of-a-Kinds      

F) Famous Personality Ownership  

G) Museum Pieces.    

H) Leaving Historically Significant Vehicles in Trusts  

I) Estate Planning w. Vehicles    

J) Proper Private Confidentiality Agreements.   

K.) Other Contractual Agreements.

L.) Forensic Analysis and Procedures, Unequivocal Evidence.

There are numerous other processes I utilize to provide unequivocal evidence when representing specialty vehicles in the court rooms. I am not at liberty to share this information as I do not want to make it public information. *Not all things written by the writers of the reference resource materials on documenting rare numbers matching cars and components are 100% correct. I will leave it at that. 

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Classifications; Data & procedures for obtaining additional information;

Historical Provenance

A) Values on Historically Significant Cars;

1) Variables;

2) Ownership;

3) Provenance; 

4) Parameters; 

5.) Conditions;

6.) History. 

 B) Preservation vs. Restoration;

By percentage, how much of the vehicle is actual, original, unmolested, and how to prove this;

1) Provenance 

2) Service records 

3) Data.

4) Previous Ownership

5.) Scientific Evaluations

6.) Forensic Analysis and Proceedures

7.) Historical Records 8.) Additional Research

8.) Unequivocal Evidence.

9.) Professional Analysis, Opinions and Conclusions. 

C.)Machine Shop Proceedures;

1.) Micrometer Readings

2.) Leak Down Analysis

4.) Burnt Fluorocarbon Analysis

3.) Engine Dyno.Testing

4.) Flow Testing.

5.) Chassis Dyno. Testing.

6.) Paint/Coating Thinkness Measuring. 7.) Metalurgy Analysis.

8.) Frame/Chassis Rack Computerized Measuring & Alignment.

A) Forgeries, recreations, clones; 

The auction companies continue to profit greatly yet take no liability or responsibility for exactly how 'correct' vehicles 'really are'.

B.)What has happened in the 'auction world' over the last 35 years. Auctioned vehicles can be advertised internationally and are bought, sold, & shipped internationally, regularly, sometimes at a great dissatisfaction upon arrival. Don't be 'caught up' in the churning.

C.) Behind the 'smoke and mirrors'. D.) State and Federal Laws regarding VIN.#s., body, chassis and drivetrain component integrity.