**75% of people that have restoration work done are dissatisfied. Don't be one of them. We handle "project management" for you.

The Purpose of the Report;

A large percentage of my time is spent verifying the quality, integrity and 'replacement costs' of streetrods and muscle cars. They are all unique based on the individual components used, quality of craftsmanship in the body and paint work, and the integrity of fabrication in making parts work well together. I work with tons of custom made and highly modified vehicles of all sorts, they can be as unique as their owners. I have developed specific ways to very articulately provide "unequivocal evidence'' in every report I do. Go with the best, and you'll never regret it. There are alot of  'copiers and posiers' that aren't professional appraisers, you don't want someone's 'best quess' based on some 'floosey auction result',..you get what you pay for at VAA.Inc. I stand behind every report I do, and in court whenever need be. I take great pride in treating every vehicle "I DO" like it's mine.

*So whatever you've invested your hard earned dollars in,..give me a call.

Other Specialty Vehicles I Document;

Vintage Auto Appraisers, Inc.

Appraisal Types

​Superior Quality Professional Documention, Worldwide Service.

Vintage Auto Appraisers, Inc.

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Monday-through-Friday 9 am. to 6 pm. Central Standard Time (USA.)

*Call us to answer any of your questions and schedule a confidential appointment onsite of your museum, garage or facility at your convenience around your busy schedule.

I appreciate the opportunity to be of service.


Kurt A. Stoops

Senior Appraiser, Proprietor;

SFGI./ VAA. Inc.

I can help you with before, during and after parts listings, addendums, and reports to make sure the components that came out of the vehicle,(during restorations) go back in it upon reassembly. Detailed itemized parts listings of date codes, casting numbers and serial stampings' are paramount to vehicle integrity. The amount of fabrication needed to make aftermarket high performance performance parts work together takes alot of skill, and needs proper documentation.

Did you know that the old parts that come off your car have value, typically they are 'resold' after the new parts go on. Numbers matching original vehicles parts are worth alot of money, also make sure the parts that come off your, go back on. We can help significantly here.

From the engine builders to the dyno. room, every step of the way; Body and paint to final buffing and polishing, everyone specializes today; media blasters, transmission rebuilders, engine guys, fabricators,... there is alot to consider, much like building a custom home. Let us take care of project management and oversee all the subcontracted work/workers/processes in a complete restoration. Final assembly to 'getting ALL the bugs-worked-out', for 100% satisfaction. Make sure your dream vehicle is everything you want it to be, without all the headaches. Project oversight and management from individual projects to entire museums full of them, we can help make your ventures a "Win-Win".

​Professional Documentation, Worldwide Service.

A Kirkham hand-formed aluminum Cobra Roadster.                                               

*Project analysis, consulting, budget constraints, we work with you. Our loyalty is exclusive to you and your project. Let us help. Call Kurt at 317-796-1100 for a personal consultation and how we can help with your project professionally.

I  also work with custom, hand built, radical, and mild to wild choppers, & vintage motorcycles.

*Our "featured chopper" this month is Harrold Wilson's Custom Circle City Chopper, with it's polished billet S&S. 121ci. V-twin motor, meticulously detailed, with wild flames, skulls and candy orange-marbellized flawless paint, polished billet appointments, a custom ostrich covered single saddle seat, to the big rear rubber and polished billet wheels, with plently of torque, and a great sound. "Thanks Harold"

I appreciate all the business over all these years with all your 'Toys"


Type your paragraph here.

I appreciate the opportunity to keep learning and growing in this industry, and with your specialty vehicles. I try to learn something everyday, and am glad to bring in additional leading world-wide authorities to expand on as much information that is possible, and answer any question. Thank You.

If "IT" has a motor, I can "Do IT",.. If "IT"runs on Gas, Electric, Alcohol, Steam, Hydrogen, Methanol, Nitromethaine, Avaition Fuel, Wind or Racing Fuel,..."I can "DO IT"...if you have a question about something you think is unusual, call me,..I can give you a tremendous amount of food-for-thought,..I'm glad to answer all your questions, and schedule a consult or appointment around your busy schedule.


Kurt A.Stoops

Cell# (317)796-1100


So whether you have a custom built Prostreet, Protouring, or Pro-built Pontiac, I am in a great position to help you get your documentation done right. Professional Documentation Worldwide Service.

​​**Diminution Experts with a proven track record of success. From Forensic Analysis

and expert witness & testimony, to estate planning & museum research.

*350-Point, 1,000-Point, or 10,000-Point Graded Reports, can cover exactly what you need. Detailed Itemized Parts Listings provide as much or little as your comfortable with.

 Fastener analysis, coating thickness measuring, carbon dating, fluorcarbon analysis,high powered microscopic studies, and other-'forensic analysis'-  on the high end; something for everyone.

All our reports are the finest money can buy.  Call us for individual pricing, and a confidential appointment. "Onsite".

I have several different types/grades of reports to choose from; "All done in conformity to "The Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice" (USPAP.-101) and they all "Stand-up" in a court of law, from our basic reports to the high end ones.

The basic report helps the insurance companies, banks, lawyers, judges and others understand exactly "what's there", and what it would take to "replace it" with an identical vehicle with the identical components in identical conditions; this is 'unique to your car' including its wear patterns.

Prepurchase inspections, divorce dissolution, and insurance are some of the main reasons for this grade of report. Our basic report is a much more thorough report than most imagine, but you really get what you pay for with our reports, find out exactly why.

My middle grade of report go into alot more details, which is required of concours status vehicles, custom modifieds, race cars, custom fabricated unique cars and motorcycles. Our premium reports are the top in the industry, second to none. The amount of detail in these reports are superior to anything else you'll find, and the unequivocal evidence they provide is the best you can get, world wide.

The highest level of documentation & reporting  is tremendously analytical, and at times into forensic analysis, we offer very specialized processes and proceedures, to provide 'unequivocal evidence'. Sufisticated research and analysis, historical data, and tests, well beyond what most do. These are highly specialized reports, in superior detail. A top-shelf report of impeccable merit.

*Under-Construction, Thank you for you patience; Check back -regularly for updates and additional cars, pictures and stories.

Thank You,



Kurt A. Stoops

Sr.Appraiser, Proprietor;



Wether you drive a Cobra or a Cadillac,..highboy or low rider,..dragsters to Duesenberg, Packards to Porsche, I can help make your dream ride 'worry free'.

When your vehicle(s) are properly documented, and insured properly, it gives you great peace of mind. Make sure your baby is well taken care of. I will treat it as if it were my very own. I promise. 

*​Most 'so-called' appraisers cannot even explain the various different "approaches to value" which stand-up in a court of law. 

​*Professional auctioneers, mechanics, body & paint people, and hobbiest, are ''NOT'' professional appraisers. Todays collectors are a more educated and informed individual, but beware alot of things 'online' are incorrect; buyers, sellers, 'flippers' are not certified appraisers either, no matter how many cars they have 'flipped'.

Learn why the top professional appraisers in this country are so highly sought after, there are only a handful of them. 

Remember, "you get what you pay for with reports", make sure you get the best, in conformity to 'USPAP.' your specialty vehicle is definately worth it.

*Proper documentation can last generations, and always be updated by addendum to reflect appreciation factors, and be passed down from generation to generation, with the vehicles, when done properly, accurately, and unequivocably RIGHT.


*Do you need help to get your job done? We can help.  Were you promised deadlines that are way behind schedule? I could tell you TONS of horror stories. We can help you with project management, projections, budget adhearance, future appreciation analysis, and professional project consultations.