​One of the most historically significant cars in the world...

Who We Are

A Very- Rare, Vintage Ford 427 "Cammer" SOHC. 2-4 BBLS.

Satisfaction Guaranteed, *Proven Success Record, Don't Loose Out, Call for Details.


For 21 years I have been professionally appraising, insuring and documenting vehicles for every reason you can imagine. 

I treat each vehicle like it is my own.

Over half a billion dollars worth of vehicles appraised & documented professionally, from individual cars to museums full of them.  

I do business the old fashion way, with impeccable service, strong ethics, and treating people the way I wish to be treated.

Continuing education in a constantly learning environment keeps me on top.

Providing you the best money can buy.    

Eugene's Vintage ​Ford 292ci. V-8  6-Pack, 50's style Hot Rod. 

Frank's Spectacular 542ci. HEMI, The Best of Show & Racing Technology

1913 Hupmobile Model 20, 4-Dr. Touring #H4140: This rare car is now in a museum in Finland.

The Jaguar Series-One Triple Carburetted DOHC.6 in Sparkling Chromed Fashion.

Baldwin Motion Cars, Shelbys, Yenco's, Hemi & 440-6 Packs, Rare and Ultra Rare American Muscle Cars are a large portion of my business. I take great pride in articulately detailing, scrutinizing, and getting correct and proper answers in the professional documentation of these quality of cars, confidentiality.

I am blessed, honored and fortunate to 'do what I do'. Thank you for the opportunity to be a small part of your world, your projects and collections.


​The Lowest Original-Mileaged Corvette "Fuelie" in the Country.

Opened in 1995  as a division of Stoops Financial Group, Vintage Auto Appraisers, Inc. devoted itself to 'superior quality' "specialty vehicle" documentation for all vehicle types, in 'all value ranges.'

I have researched specialty cars articulately for many, many years and built the most comprehensive reports available. I've been documenting numbers matching cars & components long before numbers matching cars became public knowledge.

*I am a Diminution expert, if your new luxury sports car has been in an accident, you better call me to make sure you get "everything back". *I have a proven success record here, find out how and why.

I represent specialty vehicles in court for expert witness testimony, and never lost a case. I represent vehicles of every stature from basic cases to very high profile cases, representing some of the rarest cars in this country, in the court systems, for the US. Marshalls Service, dignitaries, famous sports & TV personalities, even politicians. Half a billion dollars worth in the last 21 yrs. and growing every day.

I started working on cars in the early 70's, out of necessity, rummaging through junk yards for used performance parts for my cars & hot rods, at times just to keep them going, since then I've been custom building,

from my own 'hand drawn' schematics and blue prints, restoring and showing cars a long time. I have crewed on two funny car racing teams, been an NSRA. Indiana Safety inspector for 21 years,  am a past ISRA. board of directors (elected position), the list goes on and on.

*Cars have always been my passion. I am honored and privileged to professionally appraise and document cars and  broker specialty car insurance.  

Steam, Electric, Gas, Alcohol, NOS. or Nitro whatever your vehicle runs on we can help.

Vintage Auto Appraisers, Inc.​

The diversity and eclectic nature of things I work on is very 'broad spanning'. Basicly if it has an engine, wheels and tires, we can do it. From Jet-Engined Truck Pullers to

Spectacularly Detailed Railroad Train Cars, the list is wide. Dragsters to Duesenbergs, Packards to Porsche, Kaisers to Customs,..

I very accurately

define, identify all components, articulate all the details and rate and grade the quality and integrity of  parts, pieces and components, in every system of a vehicle.

Stock, aftermarket, high performance or racing components, and sometimes combinations of 'all the above' are what makes your vehicle unique. You may think it's 'just an old car', but the details are what determine 'exactly what's there and what condition it's in.

We schedule an appointment to be on site of the vehicle, in your garage, museum or facility, at a mutually convenient time.

I identify 'what's there', then grade the 'condition' of 'what's there', this can only be done onsite, to be "ACCURATE".

 We photograph, itemize and document everything.  We look at every component in all 10 major systems/areas of the vehicle, including checking the body for filler. After properly identifing exactly whats there, by its components, I grade what's there based on its condition, quality of craftsmanship, and integrity of fabrication, and quality of restoration as there are alot of varing qualities. This information is taken back to my office to be decoded, cross referenced, rated and graded and typed up. Your report on your car(s) is unique to your car, as are the wear patterns on it. I have basic reports all the way into highly detailed reports and even into forensic analysis and proceedures if necessary. This can only be done 'correctly' onsite. ("Not" from pictures, as pictures can work "for or against" a vehicle; beware of anyone that does this; as their report is probably not worth the paper it's written on!)

All my reports are in Conformity to "The Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice"(USPAP-101)... even my basic reports "Stand up in a Court of Law!" (Unequivocally!) ''Call me and find out all the details of why."

An NSRA. 23-Point safety inspection checks lights, signals, wipers and other equipment for functionality and safety. A test drive or ride in the car follows. I like to go through all the paperwork, service records, reciepts  and provenance on the car. All the information is taken to the office where the report information is researched, cross referenced, decoded, ratings and gradings are done then its typed up, photos developed, and the report is assembled. Our 'Basic' reports come on ivory linen paper with use my 350-point grading system, and have 2- photos on each page, showing the graded items quality and condition, they have a copy of the detailed itemized parts listing, use typically 50-different reference resources, and come in a very nice burgundy, clear front folder. They are more thorough than most realize.

Our basic report utilizes a 350 point rating and grading system, we do have 1,000-point appraisals for more highly detailed cars. The top-shelf report is 10,000-points with fastener analysis, (such as a diamond judged vehicle, Bloomington gold car, or concour d'elegance vehicle may require and a whole host of 'forensic procedures' available ala-cart as needed.

These reports can get very analytical, with numerous forensic analysis & proceedures available. We can go a far as someone would like to go, with mind boggling detail. Cars of this stature deserve the best. 

Heavily modified, cutting edge technology requires more specifics, which we are glad to do, reverse engineering the way the vehicle is built in great detail. Having dyno-sheets and good record keeping and reciepts files are a good habit to keep with specialty vehicles. Low mileage original "time capsule cars" require proper paperwork, titles and old service records do help document the reports unequivocally. Provenance research and confirmation at times is paramount. We are thourough in our approach, and stand behind what we do.

Consulting for collection building, or restoration project management.  I'm available for expert witness and testimony services for in court representations. I do have special diminution reports available, call for details, state laws regarding insurance company reimbursement and laws in your area.

Estate planning putting vehicles into trusts. Private, confidential, accurate reports & impeccable service, will keep you coming back. I'm glad to answer all your questions, and help in as many areas of specialty vehicle services and information as you wish.    

Type your paragraph here.

I also appraise motorcycles, vintage racing bikes, and custom choppers, like this one; Harolds' Spectacular Circle City Chopper, a Unique, Hand Built Prostreet with a Polished Billet 122ci. S & S.V-Twin, Tricked-Out with all kinds of Goodies. Flames with ghosted Skulls, make for one wild ride. 

Tex's 468ci. Blown Alcohol, Injected, Harwood Fiberglass Bodied 55"

 As I have gotten older, ( 56 now) the legendary Classic cars fill my soul with a very deep passion, and the honor and privledge of working with Stanley Steamers, Dual Cowl Phaetons, Tucker, Duesenberg, Marmon, Auburn, and so many legendary Indiana built cars has given me a tremendous opportunity for research, which inspires me. I am constantly learning in this industry, and spend alot of my free time researching historically significant vehicles, components, and provenance. **Most of the authors of the 'resources books' are friends on a first name basis, I know where to go to find all the answers I need, I enjoy bringing in historians and additional experts(on a contracted basis, usually), to solve extraordinarily difficult 'puzzles', and get you all the 'correct information' humanly possible. I love hearing the stories from the original builders, owners,racers, and historians, and the ever increasingly knowledgeable new owners,...

My perception on Specialty Vehicles;

Most see an 'old car, with an ol'motor';.. "I see a puzzle with 26,416-fasteners, nuts & bolts,& components, and I can identify each one (in a fastener analysis) if the discriminating owner would like, then grade-"everything", based on the quality, integrity, and condition...and so much more.

The History, Provenance, Original Low Mileage,...

and the stories behind the vehicles are exciting and very interesting to me.

I love taking on challenge,..I love these ol'cars,..I treat each one as though it were my very own,..often times getting to know these vehicles very intimately, in very analytical ways.

I appreciate the opportunity to be of service!

Kurt A. Stoops

Sr.Appraiser, Proprietor;


Office (317) 429-1569

Cell (317) 796-1100


PO.Box 53587, Indpls, IN. 46253

USA. Central Standard Time; Monday-Friday 9am.-6pm.(typically)

**Special appointments available at your convienance, nationally & internationally. *Call for scheduling and special arrangements.

How we do what we do.


Society of Automotive Historians #4231.

Past ISRA. Board of Directors; NSRA. Indiana Safety Inspector 22 yrs., NOTARY, LUTCF.  BYBS. ASA; Expert Witness; Guest Speaker,

Author; Funny Car Crew Member; Car Show Judge;

*Specialty Car Insurance Broker for 14-Different Insurance Companies;

* National & International Services, Prepurchase Inspections, Consulting, Expert Witness & Testimony. Estate Planning.


Bob's  Pre-Accident Documented, 95 C3500 Dually.

Make sure you get it all back, when you restore it.

542ci.V-8 Chevy, Arias HEMI. Heads, Fast FI., McCulluch Supercharged;

Professional Documentation,             Worldwide Service.

 Blown, Hilborn Injected, 468ci. BBC.w. NOS.

​Have you put alot of money into a truck? Do you prefer the "Lifted- Life", 4x4s' are a big growning part of the aftermarket truck market place, and alot of great companies are making great components for them. 

 I can make sure your baby is done right, properly documented so no matter what happens your protected and properly documented, preferably before something happens.  If your putting good money into your truck, upgrading a brand new one, restoring an older model, or modifying from mild to wild, you better call me 1st.

Unfortunately most regular insurance companies aren't prepaired to do restored, modified, or customized trucks right, let me help you with your 4x4, 4x2, Dually, or whatever you have, I'm in a unique position to handle your ride RIGHT!

I have documented thousands of Corvettes, driver quality up to Bloomington Gold cars. Before, during and after restoration.

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