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Diminution of Value Report

Luxury Sport; Mercedes Benz, Bentley, Jaguar, Exotic European; Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini, Maserati, Bugatti, Rare Models; Time Capsules; Famous Movie Cars; Historically Significant Vehicles; American Made; ZO6 Corvette, Shelby Mustang, Cadillac, Lexus, all are a part of the large numbers of vehicles affected greatly by Diminution.

Let us help you get 'everything back' it could be a much more substantial amount than you may be thinking. Let us present the evidence, the market analysis, the research, of  the pre-accident value, and post accident diminished value, after the repairs, to make sure you get everything you should.

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​​​The Purpose of this Type of Report;

To identify and determine the inherent depreciation of value (diminution of value) a particular vehicle has suffered due to a collision (occurrence) loss and the repair practices involved with this loss and the "loss after the subsequent repair". ( It's worth less after it's wrecked and fixed).*See the questions and answers below.

A Carfax, Equarian, and Wreck Check, are services available for consumers, and dealerships that are becoming common place for for checking a vehicles status, submitted by and on public records, via police reports, to cross check a vehicles previous damage status. Pedestrians 'trading in a leased vehicle' often will be asked to submit information pertaining to any prior damage to the vehicle.

Full and fair disclosure is required by many states, of any prior damage to a subject vehicle, upon sale of a vehicle, rather than through an open marketplace or through a dealership trade. Typically, the owner will have to disclose the extent of the damage, and the costs paid to repair it. This information will be scrutinized, but often is not mandated by law.

Dealerships, often will require the owner to sign an affidavit-type document or paperwork disclosing any and all damages over $500.00. In states where the disclosure statements are not mandatory, most honest individuals of integrity, will disclose the prior damage, due to ethical and legal reasons.


When a reasonable individual is given the choise between two different vehicles, one that has had wreckage and repair and one that has "not" been involved in a wreck, accident or occurrence;both with identical mileage, and the same year, make, and model and options and features; the individual will purchase the vehicle without any previous damage. For a reasonable consumer, to purchase a previously damaged vehicle, the price or cost of that vehicle would have to be significantly reduced or decreased.

Demand for a particular year, make and model, its rarity, especially in cases of limited production, availability, and whether or not there was any prior damage, can make a big difference.


Designated specialty repair shops, with certified technician's, for exacting or particular makes and models can be paramount to getting quality repairs. There are alot of different qualities of craftsmanship, fabricational techniques, and restoration processes available. The most gifted of craftsman often charge the most money for their services. Not everyone can afford the best repair services, and some insurance companies will not pay for the "best"in the context of the insurance policies, settlements, under "how they pay their claims" often they will throw out the 'high and low' bids' and settle for the 'middle ground'.

"Factory Standards of Manufacturing" are very often 'superior' to repair, restoration, or collision "Repair Shop-Standards".**See; "Industry Standards for Manufacturing verses Repair Shop Standards", in our Diminution of Value Reports explaination section: ( 'crumple-zone-effectiveness',

"exotic materials, metalurgy, testing and forensic analysis and proceedures").

Diminishment Relating to the Stigma; Diminishment relating to the stigma will be assigned a dollar value in our particular report(s) for your vehicle, it's specific, accurate, and proportional to your exacting situational condition(s).

Federal government and state government standards for the 'manufacturing industry' are far more "strict" than the "repair industry standards' which are primarily set up by the 'repair shops'.

Repairing a vehicle that has been in a collision to exacting manufacturing standards is next to impossible, especially for exotic vehicles that have materials stamped, and tested for, specific 'crumple-zone-effectiveness'.

To reheat these exotic materials, stretch them on a frame rack, destroys the "original" effectiveness and rigidity, even though they appear to be correct, they are not as good as original. Because of the shock of collision, soldered joints, micro circuits, and computerized sensors, are prone to defect "later". These are hidden areas of concern, often ''rearing their ugly head"after the repairs are completed, later on. They will often times have squeaks, rattles,and noises they never previously had.

This is the main reason "authorized dealerships" will 'NOT' certify used car sales of cars that have had substantial damages.