There is a strong reason why 98% of my business is all referral.

Call me anytime to find out why. You'll be glad you did. 'Superior service' and 'outstanding quality'... an old-school approach to doing business the old fashioned way. The right way. I have spent many years developing my systems, which many have tried to copy. Get the best for your 'baby'.

I have taken the American Society of Appraisers Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice, USPAP-101 course & exams (1998")& Ethics Course; Completed the Building your Business Course, MLF.; LUTCF. Business Continuity, & Insurance Classes 1995, 1996; I Have Indiana State Insurance Liscences for Property & Casualty, Life,Accident & Health since1995 and am a liscenced specialty car insurance broker. NALU.Code of Ethics course completions. 

I am constantly learning and growing in our industry; regular examinations and mandatory reaccreditations insure competent, relevant, updated knowledge, which I am constant with. I self study mechanical and electrical engineering formulation relevent to automotive technology, to keep up with cutting edge racing technology and its ever changing environment.

I am an Indiana State NSRA.Safety Inspector for 21 years; A past ISRA.Board of Director, and Secretary,(elected positions), I worked as a professional mechanic, welder. and machinist in the 70's and 80's, taken Welding, Blue Printing & Schematic Drawing Courses at Trade School (IVYTECH) in the early 70's. I grew up rummaging through junk yards for parts to keep my hot rods running as a kid, long before the aftermarket began reproducing parts.

I  have crewed on two different 'funny car teams' 

a blown, A-Gas NHRA. fiberglass 55" Chevy with Brad Cashel (BC.Racecars,Ohio) and Tom Mitchell's blown 572ci. 34' Ford A-Gas Funny Car (Indpls,In.) at the Hot Rod Reunion ( Beech Bend 2013").

I greatly enjoy researching the provenance for historically significant vehicles, have worked on numerous museum pieces, spending thousands of hours analyzing data, contrasting information, and working with historians, individuals who have published books on the topics, and interviewed owners, drivers, corporations and directors, got signed affidavits from stunt men and others personally involved with said vehicle(s). I will not share a lot of my findings as they go well beyond the published, public knowledge. This allows me the presentation of unequivocal evidence in a court of law, well beyond the public's  knowledge. I will not sell this information to authors or companies, in an effort to preserve and protect the vintage car industry from unethical individuals.

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I have worked for the US. Marshalls Service,  a branch of the federal government, the Indianapolis office, in conjunction with other state offices on numerous high profile Federal cases, involving high end vehicles, & muscle cars, ( & televised cases) which now are in the public records.

My first divorce dissolution case in court for expert witness and testimony was in 1995" and I have been in many court rooms around the country representing cars since. Insurance claims settlements for and against insurance companies, every reason a car needs representing, diminution, prepurchase, appreciation,restoration, historical provenance research.

*It is always an honor and privilege... I appreciate the opportunity to be of service.

Kurt Stoops      Sr.Appraiser; Proprietor, VAA. Inc.      *Cell (317) 796-1100

21 years of professionally appraising 'Specialty Vehicles', and over half a billion dollars worth, and growing. I have been representing, documenting and professionally appraising specialty vehicles with impeccable service and hands on experience, the old-school way, utilizing modern technology, engineering, forensics, and systems I have created for properly analyzing, rating and grading quality of craftsmanship, integrity of fabrication, and every component in every system, the evolution of engineering is constantly changing, as are our services. From basic reports to highly analytical processes and procedures.

Kurt A. Stoops          

Senior Appraiser, Proprietor; VAA. Inc.     21 years:              

Kurt A. Stoops  Sr. Appraiser, Proprietor, Vintage Auto Appraisers, Inc. PO.Box 53587 Indpls, IN. 46253 Office (317) 429-1568 *Cell (317) 796-1100  

* Call for rates on the different levels of reports and analysis available. Hours & travel by appointment, onsite of the vehicle(s). Prepurchase Inspections, Expert Witness & Testimony, Diminunition Reports,  and Consulting by appointment.

*Special rates for museums, charatible donation, senior citizens.

*Specialty Vehicle Insurance Brokerage Services, free quotes.

Office hours 9am to 5pm. Monday through Friday. Field Inspections by appointment.

I enjoy doing guest speaking at venues,  car club meetings & events, American Society of Appraisers meetings in Indianapolis and Ft.Wayne, IN. and car shows. I enjoy educating clubs and groups about specialty car insurance, what companies are out there, spread sheeting parameters, costs, claim paying capacity, financial stability. Who I use and why. What specialty car insurance companies look for, what to look for in a specialty car insurance companys. They have come a long way since  "parade insurance"started in the 70's.

Qualification Curriculum

I regularly work with Attorneys, CPA's and Estate Planning Professionals, helping to implement specialty cars into Trusts to pass them down generation to generation, avoiding taxation, with appreciating specialty vehicle assets. From individual cars to entire collections full of them, I have the knowledge and experiance to work with the professionals needed to make this happen.

*​Confidential, *Accurate, *Professional, World Wide Service,

*Superior Quality.

I am a Diminution specialist. The "stigmatized- vehicle" repaired and now worth so much less, and the fact that 81% of people would not buy a previously wrecked luxury/sport vehicle, makes 'professional diminution reporting' paramount to proper equity reimbursement. The CarFax or Equarian services report public record of wreckage or incidents from accidents filed on cars. We can make sure you get back "everything " even after all damages are repaired, including the Diminished value.

 Vintage Auto Appraisers, Inc.

I know a lot of authors of reference resource materials used in the industry for documenting cars, parts, components and vehicles, most on a first name basis. I will not sell information I have documented from "barn-finds" and such, that are contrary to the current published accounts ( or known to exist- parameters). For the future of preserving the hobby, in an effort to help 'not make it easier' to 'clone rare vehicles'. I do use this exclusive unequivocal evidence only in a court of law when needed. Beware of individuals, clubs or groups that use the term "know to exist"as it is not correct, speculative and broad spanning.