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*Forensic Analysis & Procedures; Carbon 14-Dating of Organic Materials; Metalurgy Analysis & Testing; CAD. Design & Computer Testing; Ferrous & NonFerrous Coating Measurements; Automotive Mechanical Engineering Technology, Proceedures and Formulation Analysis & Data; Geometric Chassis Schematics; Engine Testing & Measuring includes Leak Down Analysis, Micrometer Measurements for wear patterns and indicators; High Powered Microscopic Analysis on components; Dynomometer Tests and results. Race Car fabrication & technology, modifications, processes and procedures, wind tunnel testing.

Historical Archives and Data retrieval, analysis, and confirmation in conjunction with other historical services.

Prostreet Modified Big Cubic Inch Big  Block Wedge Mopar.


The First Motorized, Westfield, Indiana-Firetruck; also the very first Kokomo,IN. Firetruck- & The Indpls. Firefighters Museum.

All our services are available at your convenience around your busy schedule, typically 'onsite of the vehicle'(s).

Call me anytime to arrange a mutually convienent time and place, for proper assessment and consideration, to perfectly suit your needs and wants. The more suffisticated technical services we offer are available per individual service and the going rates at the time and place said processes are to be done. 

Call for the individual pricing status and structures for your region. Everything is done by contractual agreements, remuneration and upgrading is always available whenever its comfortable for you. I appreciate the opportunity to be of service.

​Vintage Auto Appraisers, Inc.Typ

​Kirkham Hand Formed Aluminum Bodied 427 Cobra Roadster. A most unique chassis, with all the modern 'high tech' goodies, crafted

​and assembled by an engineer with great pride in his work.


*Diminution Reports on Luxury, Sport , and Exotic cars is where we really shine. Professional, Accurate, Confidential, diminished value analysis reports.

Prepurchase Inspection;

Divorce Dissolution,Representation;

Insurance Replacement Costs;

Diminutive Return Specialists; 

Diminution Reports & Analysis;

Estate Planning w Cars;

Expert Witness and Testimony;

Large Collection Representation;

Project Consulting;

Project Restoration Analysis;

Bank Loan to Values;

​Forensic Analysis;

Unequivocal Evidence;

Appreciation Factor Spread Sheets;

Historical Provenance Research

Specialty Car Insurance Brokerage-

Services and Quotes;

Famous Movie Cars, Documentation. 

Prototypes, One of a kinds, AUT.

ProTouring & Prostreet Car Specifics;

Detailed Itemized Parts Listings;

10,000-Point Fastener Analysis;

Liquidation Options & Help;

Museum Donations


Charitable Car Donations;

Passing Cars on Generation

to Generation with Trusts;

​1929 Pierce Arrow Dual Cowl Phaeton, part of the 114 cars I appraised for the Louis Randall Collection, from Stanley Steamers to a Dale Earnhart 'numerous race winning' racecar. Thank You...(2002).

"HOT" Custom Built & Hand Crafted Choppers, from the best builders in the country. I SO enjoy bikes, and love riding them. Bobbers, Vintage Originals, one-of a kinds, Imports, Racing,..all types.

​1934" Ford 3-Window Coupe, Streetrod.                                                                                         1932" Ford 5-Window Coupe, Streetrod.

An Articulate Identification process that leaves so many other "so called inspectors' IN THE DUST'''

​The Legendary American 1969 Ford Boss 429, Nascar #2034

Kurt A. Stoops              Sr. Appraiser, Proprietor;               Vintage Auto Appraisers, Inc.

PO.Box 53587 Indpls, IN. 46253      Office (317) 429-1569     *Cell (317) 796-1100

Office hours; 9am.-to-5pm. Monday through Friday.

In Field Onsite Appointments for Inspections, Prepurchase, Divorce Dissolution cases,

Expert Witness/Testimony, Estate Planning, Diminution Reporting, Specialty Vehicle Insurance Brokerage Services-free quotes; Insurance 'Replacement Cost' Reports,

Market Approach to Value Appraisal; Project & Estate Consulting; Forensic Analysis & Proceedures; and all other specialty car services by Appointment. *Call for rates, *Special

Museum, Large Volume, & Senior Citizen Discounts available.

*Private & Public ​Museums, filled full of collectible cars. Packard, Studebaker, Corvette, Checker, and many, many museums and donators.."Thanks.... "Ask US".

I do and have done thousands of streetrods (appraisals, documentation, and Insurance) they are a large percentage of my business; every size, shape, color and drivetrain-configuration imaginable, 'I DO'.  I am an NSRA. Indiana State Safety Inspector (21 yrs.) and always enjoy working with these cars.

Call me anytime for help with your streetrod, don't be confused by cost and market value differences, you'll be glad you asked, I'm glad to answer all your questions and make sure your 'baby' is done RIGHT!

I've been blessed over the last 21 years and have seen and worked on alot of great stuff, and in my opinion, this polished and delightfully gleaming 542ci. Indy HEMI' owned by my friend and client Frank Brzycki to this day, is still my "Favorite Engine of all", ( and I've worked on some pretty wild stuff)...the attention to detail is spectacular; all the polished billet aluminum, all the mirror finished stainless, braided steel, chromed fittings,.. it's just a magnificent piece. I can look at this motor for hours, I would have to build a glass wall on the garage to just stare at it each day if it were mine.

The amazing horsepower and torque figures are inspirational, grandiouse illusions dance through my head, and beyond that the sound this engine makes is just "Music to my Ears". I am lost in my passion towards the early 70's. American Muscle Cars. This engine just "Does IT for Me".

Perfection, in Mechanical splendor, Top Show Quality, and refined-FUN Racing-Performance. Thank you Frank, for building this magnificent creation, and letting me post a picture of it, on my humble websight. I can't wait till you take me for the next 'Jaunt" in your "Best in the Country" 1969" Dodge Charger.


Kurt A. Stoops

Sr.Appraiser, Proprietor ; SFGI./VAA. Inc.

Office 317-429-1569 Cell 317-796-1100

"​What We Do"

Restored Original Antique, Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles, Boats;...

​1-Owner, 1967 Volkswagen Beetle; in the same family since new, a Concours Restoration was done, the insurance company was 100% satisfied with my documentation, for replacement costs,..as was the family, which will have this car forever.

'​The Eclectic Variety'

Professional Documentation, Worldwide Service.