I have different levels of  "rating and grading" available for grading quality,  condition, craftsmanship, and integrity of fabrication in all areas. The wear and tear patterns are unique to your vehicle, this has to be assessed properly to place values on it accurately. (*See; bullit points below) Pictures can work for or against a vehicle depending on the focus, never get a photo only appraisal. It might seem simple, but consider the number of components, fasteners, & variables, there is a lot more to it than you may realize. 

*This tribute from the late Bill Parker is for his very special wife Linda. It was custom built with all the modern ammenities 'luxurious in leather',w. candy brandy paint, and a big block 454 to move it around. It is flawless, magnificent to drive, and a special vehicle ( one of many Bill has custom built over all these years) and it has been an honor and privalege to work on. I'm sure Bill smiles from heaven every time it drives down the street. A wonderful vehicle, from wonderful people. Bill and Linda have both spent their lives in service to our great country, in the armed forces. I have had the utmost respect and admiration for them. This vehicle represents not only one mans vision, but the love for the hobby and his awesome wife, Linda..

McLaren; DOHC. Turbocharged, FI. Cosworth.

**Thanks for visiting my website; we will be constantly adding additional pictures, information ,&  testimonials from the tens of thousands of satisfied customers I have. I appreciate your patience, for waiting for your car to appear here, as a featured car, car or bike of the month or week; and excusing

my flaws or occasional mistake in typing here; " my grandfather used to say; If I wasn't making an occasional mistake, I wasn't working hard enough"...

​My reports are 'always 'triple-checked' for correctness, gramar, and sometimes 'quadriple checked' often on 'articulate relevent data'.

Again, thanks for visting, come back often, and see what each month, week and year bring;..and thank you to our many clients that allow us to use your 'stuff' in this website. I will try to post a little something for everyone!  SIncerely,  Kurt A. Stoops.

Thank You.


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Arias Chevrolet-HEMI 542ci w. Fast Electronic Fuel Injection & Paxton Supercharger; Pro-Touring.

​Heavily modified Turbo Porsche project.

One of the Rarest Cars in the World.

​*Thanks Linda, I appreciate sharing your vehicle with everyone that visits my web-sight this month.

​​​​​​It is my honor and privilege to help you with your specialty vehicle, and I am glad to help with as much or little as you wish. 

Classics, antiques, exotics, muscle cars, famous movie cars, one of a kinds, prototypes, prostreet and protouring, vintage racecars and motorcycles, trucks, individual cars to museums full of them, we can help you with superior quality documentation.


​Professional Documentation, Worldwide Service

From basic reports (*see, bullit points below) to highly detailed 10,000-point analysis and/or forensic procedures, all of our reports are done in conformity to the The Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP-101) and stand up in a court of Law.  Professional, Accurate, Confidential.

I pride myself on impeccable research, and can bring in the best historians in the world to help when necessary. I know where to find answers.

*Rolls Royce, Bugatti, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, Porsche, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Bentley, Jaguar, even Alpha, Lotus, Jensen & lower priced cars can fall 'victim'; My "Diminution Reports" are of superior quality & accuracy, second to none; find out why.

*Special;...... "Clients Motorcycle of the Month"                   Section;

From it's 4" round tube frame chassis to all the high-tech racing 'goodies', I am a heavily modified-

car "Appraisal documentation-Specialist." Articulate detailed itemized parts listings encompass all parts and modifications. I have something for every price range, quality of craftsmanship &  fabrication integrity, articulation of ALL details. ( forensics).

There is a strong reason why 98% of my business is all referral. Find out why. You really do get what you pay for with appraisals, get it done right the first time, you can always upgrade your basic report to higher grades of reports with more detailed analysis, explanations, and 'unequivocal evidence (forensics) later' if you wish. 20 years from now you'll be glad you did, as so many have.  

I'm here for the long haul,... I'll be here tomorrow and always for you, and your "Toys". 


Have a high end luxury, sport, exotic car that's just been wrecked? Did you know even after its been repaired to factory new, because of the CarFax, and public record, it's "worth less". I am a Diminution expert and my reports make sure you get "all of the value back", including this diminished amount. These amounts are substantial. We guarantee your satisfaction with our diminution reports. Professional, Accurate, Confidential. *Check out our Diminutions page for all the details.

​49 Merc Flat Head V-8 Modified Hot-Rod

*Special Section;                        "Client's Car of the Month"

Integrity of components based on manufacture name, part numbers, date codes, casting numbers, stamping numbers are what start the process, there is much more. Numbers matching original vehicles are typically only 'partially correct by percentages' & should be properly identified, deciferd & decoded.  Rarity may require a deeper more thorough approach. Don't believe everything you see on the web, get certifiable, unequivocal evidence from a highly trained professional, you really get what you pay for here.

*Exotic dream car? I can help you make all the right decisions, for maximum investment returns and worry free purchases. From conservative priced to the 'rarest-competition-models' in the world, researched with "the Gold standard" of experts jointly;

we can provide 100% satisfaction on 'unequivocal evidence' in whatever price range you wish to invest in.

Type your paragraph here.

​The Legendary Boss 429 Ford Engine, I have worked on many Kar-Kraft cars over the years,...including Shelbys, Baldwin Motion, Yenco; the list of untra-rares goes on and on...got a rare legendary American Muscle car,..better call me.

**​Diminution Report Specialists, I can help you get "ALL" of that diminished- amount back. ​Professional, accurate, proven results. Diminished value is a wrecked-then fixed vehicle. Call me for information regarding reimbursement of this diminished amount, and how to 'get it back'. Laws regarding this issue differ by state laws. Call me with all your questions.

** We can remunerate a contract or upgrade your previously done report anytime you wish. The beauty of my reports' are in it's flexibility. I can always add an addendum, & adl.photos, to reflect additional upgrades, and I can always 'upgrade a report' to a much 'higher grade' of analysis and add in additional detail, (*such as a 10-page 'detailed itemized parts listing') to upgrade a basic 350-point report, to a 1,000-point of even my 'top of the line' 10,000-point analysis. Highly detailed analysis can always be added, to the point of  forensic procedures and analysis-well 'beyond what anyone else in this industry is doing'.  Cars I've done 21 years ago are 'opting-up' for more articulate detail ( beyond the basic 1178-bits of information and the 350-point basic report.) as their cars have continued to appreciate in value.  *Call for a details, on upgrades, appreciation factors, and upgrades to encompass everything your doing with your ride, including rebuilding, repainting, replating, recovering it.

* ​I  work on Trucks of  'all' shapes and sizes, if you've invested in a, modified, upgraded, or restored  your truck, you better call me. From Turbo Diesels, to supercharged big block 4x4, Jeep, Land Rovers, & vintage; I can definately "make it right" between you and your insurance company! Document your truck 'properly' before something happens.

*Modified vehicles require additional explanation based on additional procedures used with cutting edge & racing technology, vintage or current. Boring, balancing,  blueprinting, porting, cryogenic treatments & coatings to parts, need to be itemized accordingly. There is a tremendous amount of things we can do, to present 'unequivocal evidence', alot of which is not public knowledge. I have done many multi-million dollar projects, and technical forensic procedures and analysis can be implemented if necessary. "All my reports are done in conformity to; "The Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice" (USPAP-101) and 'stand-up' in a court of law.*This information is sensitive and 'confidential', call for an appointment.

I bring everything I need with me, onsite of the vehicle. Soft cloth towels, fender covers, lighting, camera equipment, floor jacks, jack stands, and

technical equipment if forensics are needed.

Vintage Auto Appraisers, Inc.

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( &/or  your corporation, banker, attorney(s), management staff, estate principles)  schedule. **Special hours for special projects, by appointment.

Ed's All Original 69'  L-89, L-71, 427-Corvette;  I very accurately document  vettes including the rarest Baldwin Motions', L88's, Calloways, Lingenfelters, Greenwoods, and 'numbers matching time capsules.'

​Professional Documentation, Worldwide Service.

1960" Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz, Series 62-convertible, 390ci.345Hp.V-8, 3-2BBL carbs, factory original air-ride, automatic, a legendary American luxury car.

*Call me to discuss the basics;

1.) The 'purpose of the report'/ analysis;

2.) The 'scope and magnitude' of the report/analysis.

3.) 'Costs'; for each of the 5-different types of reports available, and all the services we can provide you, to service all your specialty vehicle(s) needs.

*Special;...      "Clients Car of the Month"               Section;

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Vintage Auto Appraisers, Inc.

Heavily modified vehicles, racecars of all kinds and custom creations always surpass auction-resulted comparibles, our approach and procedures are far more accurate. Quality of craftsmanship, the integrity of fabrication, and the quality of paint & body work, integrity of components, are all taken into close consideration for valuation, sometimes to the point of forensic analysis.

Thank you, Bradley Walker for the opportunity to show your incredible hand built, custom made, aluminum V-Twin-Merch-engined, Baker 6-speed, polished billet aluminum adorned, flamed with air-brushed skulls and marbelized custom paint work, custom bikes. I first appraised the gray one 15 years ago when it was first finished for insurance purposes. It is an amazing bike of top show quality craftsmanship, and a big cubic inch motor that is very fast. An entire book could be written about all the details in every inch of this fine bike. Unfortunately, Brad passed on reciently, so VAA.Inc. wishes to honor his family with what he accomplished in building of this great machine.